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Comprehensive Estate and Legacy Planning

Planning for one's own death or incapacity is daunting. But BaryLaw can take much of the pain out of the process. From simple estate plan packages to custom-tailored plans that accommodate unique wishes or intentions, a hostile family, or substantial assets, BaryLaw can help.

Probate, Administration of Trusts and Estates

The passing of a loved one is never easy. But BaryLaw can help make the legal aspect of the whole ordeal bearable. Whether you need to ask a few questions before you handle everything yourself, you need an attorney, a corporate fiduciary, a co-fiduciary to take care of all of the paperwork, or something in-between, BaryLaw is ready to assist.

Adult Guardianship

When an adult is no longer capable of managing their own affairs and has not made the appropriate plans or when a child is about to become an adult but requires assistance to care for themselves or manage their property, it may become necessary to petition the court for guardianship or conservatorship.

Family and LGBT-focused Law

In addition to our comprehensive estate and legacy planning, BaryLaw is proud to help families cement their legal relationships through so-called step-parent adoptions, joint custody petitions and orders, and various agreements. The firm also helps individuals who have agreed to dissolve their relationships do so confidently and conveniently.

Name and Gender Marker Changes

If you just need to change your name or your gender marker on your ID or a vital record, BaryLaw can help. Please note that at present, BaryLaw only offers pro bono name and gender marker change services only through VEBA clinics indicated in our blog.
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